An In-depth Analysis Of Necessary Aspects For Job Negotiation

For example, I want to know like how much of the investment is on your brand, which is I guess at management discretion, and how much of the investment will be on performance-based advertising, which depends on the business momentum of your products and services? And any color on the future margin trend will be very helpful. browse around hereThank you. ——————————————————————————– Hao Zhou, Inc – CFO [23] ——————————————————————————– Yes, I think you’re talking about probably the sales and marketing sort of budget ballpark, right? That, as I said in my prepared remarks, includes two pieces. One is the advertising dollar, which is really for user acquisition, and that as we explained earlier before as well, that includes offline branding. includes PC and mobile traffic acquisitions, and these are always the three components. Comparatively, we spend more on mobile, because right now we see biggest user growth on mobile and penetration of users in the mobile Internet today for our application, there’s still a lot of room to go. For instance, we still see a lot of jobs industry, for instance.

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