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It also acts as a demulcent and a nutrient of benefit in convalescence. Hawthorn lowers blood pressure, dilates blood vessels, and strengthens the heart. It has been misused by people because of its doping effect. Generally, the prescribed percocet tablets contain 5 mg of oxycodone and acetaminophen content varies between 325 and 500 mg. This will clear up the sinus drainage from the nasal passage as well as the throat. An orthopaedic surgeon carries out preservation or restoration of the form and function of the bodies extremities, spine and associated bones though surgical, medical and physical means. It’s a job every cat owner dreads. Here, take a look at the procedure and benefits of water therapy. Play it safe out there when you’re playing sports in the heat.

So, prices go up because the companies are free to set their own prices, at will. Until about 10 years ago, the common knowledge on the street was that brand-name drugs were a bit expensive but that generic versions, if available, were much, much cheaper. While most of that statement is true today, things have gotten complicated and all prices have gone way, way up. Let’s look at the various components of this issue and we’ll start with brand-name drugs. These are usually the result of corporate research and enormous investment, frequently for more than a decade. The pharmaceutical company has to recoup its investment within the first 21/2 to 3 years, before similar products reach the market from competing companies. That price must cover the research and development for that product, but also the work that went into products that flamed out and never went to market. Many of these products, especially for chronic diseases, sell for around $600 for 90 tablets or capsules. Next, let’s look at the generic versions, which are permitted after the originator’s patent expires. Patent life used to be 17 years but was raised to 20 years in the 1990s to be the same as in the European Union. The U.S.

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