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Photo: David McKeown, License: N/A, Created: 2016:09:29 09:43:04 These are almost all soft skills, Brendan Stehr, an English teacher at Blue Mountain, said. And students have to remember not to talk behind their teeth. You need to project, Anne Usuka, president of the Blue Mountain school board, said. I think things like that are extremely difficult to get across to some 15, 16 and 17 year old students, Doug Morgan, an athletic director at Blue Mountain, said. Someone ought to develop a 10th grade basic communication course which wont have anything to do with digital technology whatsoever. Make them give speeches, Dave Krewson, a member of Eagle Foundation for the Blue Mountain School District, said. While the computer age has done wonders on many levels of society, Krewson said over time we lost a lot of humanity. High school career academies have been established in the United States for more than 45 years, according to The National Career Academy Coalition. Helsel passed out copies of an article published in November 2009 by the coalition to commemorate the 40th anniversary of career academies. It was written by Betsy Brand, executive director of the American Youth Policy Forum. career academy is commonly defined as a smaller learning community within a larger high school which: is comprised of a group of students that takes classes together for at least two years and is taught by a team of teachers from different disciplines; provides college preparatory curriculum based on a career theme that helps students see relationships and connections between academic subjects and their application in the real world of work and a specific career pathway; and develops partnerships with employers, the community, and colleges which draw upon their resources and increases opportunities for students to engage in internships and work-based learning and provides adult mentors to motivate students and spur achievement, Brand said in the article, using information she gathered from the Career Academy Support Network website.

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