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This was a key game, a game for AFC South supremacy such as it is and yet the Texans began this week with an apparent spat between quarterback Brock Osweiler and head coach Bill OBrien , and ended it with a narrow escape from what should have been an easy win. Indianapolis, on the other hand, saw any good feelings from a respectable opening three-plus quarters vanish into the wind with a late 17-point defensive collapse. The Houston Texans under head coach Bill OBrien, right, and Brock Osweiler, left, are not exactly a smoothly-functioning machine. (AP) More At no point in the first 59 minutes of this game did Osweiler look like anything other than an overwhelmed injury replacement for some nonexistent competent starter. He overthrew and underthrew receivers, getting bailed out only by DeAndre Hopkins hands and the referees timely pass-interference flags. But on the Texans final fourth-quarter and overtime drives, Osweiler turned into some mutant hybrid of Peyton Manning and Brett Favre, culminating in a 36-yard pass to Jaelen Strong that set up a game-winning field goal by Nick Novak. The questions about Osweiler had turned into screams, a real problem for a team that started seven different quarterbacks over the previous three years, including four last year alone. However, he managed to steady himself in time for an overtime win, helped greatly by Lamar Millers 149 yards rushing and two touchdowns. Plus, the defense, while not exactly otherworldly without J.J.

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Your resume is but one one of the many things an employer will look at. view it nowUpdate your resume before you begin a job search and only include information that is correct and current. However, the resume by itself will not do the trick. Applicants who are dedicated and enthusiastic will be considered above those who do not show those traits. Think about what your strengths are and make sure you highlight them.

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“I reject that claim totally,” Malcolm Turnbull says Amnesty Internationals condemnation of Australias practice of holding asylum seekers arriving by sea in offshore detention centers on Nauru as torture in an open-air prison has attracted the ire of the countrys Prime Minister. I reject that claim totally, Malcolm Turnbull told an Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) radio program Tuesday, calling it absolutely false. Based in part on field visits conducted in July and interviews with 58 detainees on the island, the Amnesty report claims that asylum seekers detained in the Pacific island nation were susceptible to attacks by locals and guards alike, did not receive adequate medical attention and were suffering from a wide range of mental health conditions. The report, published Monday, also says that attempts by detainees to harm or even kill themselves were shockingly commonplace. The human rights group says that the appalling conditions in the detention center are part of an Australian policy designed to be punitive for asylum seekers arriving by sea, and that it amounts to torture, alleging that the country may have violated the U.N.s 1951 Refugee Convention by pursuing this line of action. Turnbull, in turn, called his governments commitment compassionate and strong in the ABC interview. Australia has kept the situation in so-called regional processing centers one on Nauru and another now-closed centre on Papua New Guineas Manus Island shrouded in secrecy, rarely granting access to journalists. The Guardian notes that conditions in these camps have attracted routine criticism across the international community, from different U.N. agencies to foreign governments and NGOs like Amnesty and Human Rights Watch. In August, leaked confidential documents revealing the extent of physical and sexual violence in the detention centers obtained and published by the Guardian but not verified by TIME led to vigorous denials from Australia and Nauru.

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Some medical schools have separate, one-on-one interviews; others interview by panel. What other medical schools are you applying to? This is going to vary based on the type of position for which you’re applying. I also play many team sports such as basketball, volleyball and hockey. Use restraint and discretion—don’t flood them with additional recommendations or extraneous information. You want to maximize your chance of survival in the island. Interviews alone can’t get you into medical school, but they can definitely strengthen a borderline application or completely eliminate you from contention. So, why DID you apply there?

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