Some Emerging Ideas On Real-world Tips For Selection Interview Strategies

You have to be specific in your mind for what you’re aiming for and committing to. Fairways are usually 35-40 yards wide, and there is plenty of room for your ball to find it. 2. In addition to numerous water hazards and bunkers, its easy to get stymied by overhanging trees at Harbour Town, even when you hit the fairway. How can you achieve maximum trajectory to clear such obstacles, and can you use the technique with any club in the bag? Manzella: You need two things to hit it high: loft and a shallow angle of attack, meaning catching the ball just before or even after the low point in your swing. To get both, start the process of lining the club up for impact with plenty loft around the time your lead arm is parallel on the downswing. Also, get your lead shoulder as far away from the ball as you can at impact. Ohand finish high! It works with EVERY club in the bag.

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tips for selection interview

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